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About Us


Hello Friends,

I am "Dramagical Tyan" founder and director of Dramagical Entertainment Ltd; a children's activity provider situated in Brent, North West London. We create and provide safe spaces filled with excitement and emotion where children are the main character in their own self empowering story. We encourage children to love their individual identities. Everyone's differences and similarities are celebrated through play, songs, games, apparel and stories from an early age to bring forth a new generation filled with love and understanding of themselves and the world around them!

As a child/teenage actress and member of The National Youth Theatre I met many people from all walks of life and was exposed to many different community based projects exploring political, social and cultural voices within the artistic world inspiring me to thrive as a young actress. After completing my Performing Arts degree, I entered the Primary School teacher world where my aim was to help the younger generation combat issues just as important as academic studies. Whist on my training I worked closely with the Special Educational Needs and English as an Additional Language departments, completed an introductory course in play therapy and shadowed a therapist using these skills to mentor children and staff members. This is where a lot of my expertise comes from when creating many of my workshops. In 2018 with funding from The National Lottery Community Grant, I created interactive inclusive workshops for my local community bringing children together. It was so rewarding to be able to create a space my own children could also participate and be a part of, making friends within the community with others their age. I started to become very popular in Brent and Camden being asked to create regular workshops, the most  popular being a storytelling workshop to under 5s in a selection of local libraries. During this time I also taught hearing babies, toddlers and their parents/carers sign language as a communication aide and became a major advocate for signing for both communication and inclusivity for children with additional needs. I have found British Sign Language very useful when working with children and have been able to communicate  with a wider community (eg. CODA) and so I studied BSL and gained qualifications in the subject too. I love to share signs with everyone and encourage them to learn; being diagnosed with hearing loss myself in my adult years its made me more aware that everyone should learn this skill. Signing brings many benefits to all children improving their social skills as well as bridging the communication gap between d/Deaf/hard of hearing and hearing communities.


In January 2022 our most popular series of musical storytelling workshops "Stories and Rhymes with Tyan" was created because many parents felt regular accessible workshops would be beneficial to their children's development. I have taught term time classes, visited baby and toddler groups and collaborated with many educational establishments, health professionals, councils, libraries and museums. These workshops explore culture, diversity and equality with no judgement or prejudice and freedom of expression boosting self esteem, confidence, feelings of self worth and empowerment as well as really good fun. I promote themes such as; hair, race, manners, family dynamics, friendship, love, kindness, loss, worry, heroes and role models in society and channeling your inner King and Queen. We sing, sign, dance, play, create wonderful pieces of art and I tell a story with a message to remember for ages 6m - 6years. 


You may have seen me at a funded community event or maybe at a little ones birthday party with my rainbow scarves flying through the air leading the fun, because I also provide party entertainment for little ones aged under 5. It’s fantastically rewarding for me to be able to provide these safe spaces for children to explore who they are. So get booking and join a class, attend a free community event, spread the word, tell your child's teacher so I can make an appearance at their school, or book a birthday party or entertainment for your own private event!!!


Smiles and Best Wishes

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