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Terms of Use is the result of many years of love and hard work.  Please respect our terms.

Most of the videos and printable activities on this website are only available to our Members, but are still subject to the terms below.

Everything on this website is copyrighted, and may not be republished or sold in any form.


You may:

  • Use our resources in your classroom, homeschool, group (Guides, Scouts, Sunday School etc), public library or school library, or with a child in your care.

  • Use our printable resources as above, exactly as they are downloaded and come out of the printer, leaving our URL and copyright notice intact. You may not alter or overprint in any way, claim them as your own, or sell them.

  • Link to the home page or any webpage on this site.

  • Pin things to Pinterest.

  • Reproduce the printables for your own personal or classroom use.

You may not:

  • Share any content from (including but not limited to text, craft ideas, photos, illustrations and printable activities) on file sharing sites, such as Yahoo groups, TES, or similar.

  • Share your login details.

  • Republish any content from this site on other websites or blogs. Please share a link to the page the activity is found on instead.

  • Include our activities, photos, images or printables in your e-book, magazine, book, newsletter, newspaper, booklet or other document.

  • Sell any content from this site in digital or printed form.

  • Link directly to any printable. Please link instead to the webpage on which the printable is located.

Also see our Terms and Conditions 

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